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RESEARCHREFLECTION REPORT(should contain the details given below) | Please type your responses in the spaces below: | Marks available | Research Methods & ProcessesHow and why have you chosen/decided on the research methods and processes which you are using/have used for the development of your Major Project?How would you describe these to:1) a reader of your Major Project and/or2) a future employer(max. 550 words) | The selection of the topic is based upon the interestOf conducting the research on an organization's future sustainability and feasibility along with the competitive advantage and strategies to proceed in the market against other
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The organization which author has selected was renowned so, there is no room for using the fake information or produce any statement which contradict with the original statement, so I was very precised with all the material and data which has been used to develop the study along with the data ethics which includes credibility and reliability has been ensured. . | | Your KnowledgeWhat key areas of knowledge have you gained from undertaking your research and the Major Project?Indicate why these are so important to you?(max. 400 words) | This report is full of data and theories that areimportant for the development of this type of study. It is very important to know about every aspect of the data which is being used in this study. The important features or areas which were undertaken were strategic tools and the literature of the study. The strategic tool develops the understanding about the organizational competitive strategies and its external factors. It is important to understand about the strategic tools namely such as PESTEL, Porter five forces and SWOT. Every tool has different usage and gives different information it depends upon the author how they perceive about these tools. PESTEL is the tool which gives the external environment factors that are not in control of the organization and give the organization an idea about developing the strategies to avoid these factors in future while SWOT analysis | 10 |

gives the idea about the


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