The Help Book Report

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The Help

Summary The Help is not just a book about a white women in the 1960s trying to make a difference it is about so much more. The story begins August 1960 with the colored maid, Aibileen, raising her seventeenth white child - Mae Mobley. Aibileen lost her own boy Treelore months before she started working for the Leefolt residence. One day when Ailbileen is serving lunch at the Leefolt’s residence she overhears the
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One of Skeeter’s friends goes on t.v saying that the book is a disgrace, and people should not waste their money on it. She lies saying that they treat the help like family. Ailbileen and Minny are both waiting for Hilly to read the book, once Hilly reads it she knows who wrote it. She decides to tell everyone to fire their maids. Aibileen is not fired because she threatens telling everyone about the “chocolate” incident. This is when Aibileen decides that her days of being a maid are over she says goodbye to Mae, with tears which this is a painful goodbye. Minny leaves her husband and his abuse. Aibileen takes over the Miss Myrna column, she thinks about doing another writing project.

Theme This book The Help has several themes, but the two that I choose would be love and hate. In Jackson, Mississippi there was a division between colored and white people. The white people hated the colored people for no apparent reason, only because they were a different skin tone. There was so much hate that white men almost beat a colored young man to death for using the wrong bathroom. So much hate that a women who was supposed to get six months of being in jail and now has four years to serve. The love plays in when Skeeter wants to help the maids, she wants to make a difference. When all the maids gather up together to write a


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