Feminism and the Degradation of Man

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Feminists have been active in their role for decades. The first women who were proponents of women's rights, advocates for self-promotion of women's freedoms and leaders of women into the 20th century, I believe would be appalled at where the current "feminists" have taken their cause. In the late 1960's a movement ensued, a movement of great proportions. This ideological stance of women needing to empower themselves against men and their "inherent violence" began a degradation of men's roles in family and society. Men have been silenced as fathers and husbands. In the early 20th century, boys were taught to protect women, open doors for them, help them carry their groceries and never to hit a woman. The feminists would have us …show more content…

Men are inherently sexual creatures; that is a biological fact throughout the animal kingdom. The male in any species will seek out a mate to procreate and continue his bloodline. Even in spiders, the male will even sacrifice himself to guarantee the survival of the species. Since the 1970's the women's movement has gone from free sexual expression to the idea that sex with a man is degrading. Rosalind Coward offers her feminist point of view, "If you consider sexual crimeÂ…it is almost exclusively committed by men. Yet very few men will accept their implication in this. How many men, for example, will cross to the opposite side of the road at night to make it clear that hey are not following a woman?" (Coward, 1997) What she is misunderstanding is that most men do not commit sexual crimes against women, therefore are not responsible for the actions of a few "bad apples". Today's feminists would have young women believe they are the next generation of liberators for women's rights, which in cases of salaries, voting and equal rights, is correct. The problem with the movement progressing from simply standing up for your rights to waging a full war against men simply for being male is ludicrous. Just as there has to be respect by men toward women, there also has to be respect by women toward men. Why do today's feminists believe they have to stand against men, defeat them and lay waste to their roles as fathers