Net Conversions Influences Kelley Blue Book Case Study

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NetConversions Influences Kelley Blue Book

BUS 454

Shelia Cassidy

Introduction This paper will explore the way that NetConversions (NetC) influenced the Kelly Blue Book (KBB) webpages after first presenting a short history of the Kelly blue book company. The three discussion questions to be answered are:
• Develop the management-research question hierarchy through investigative questions for this project.
• Using the research process model (Exhibit 4– 1), describe and evaluate the research design of this project.
• Describe and evaluate the sampling design for this project.
From Model T’s to Web Sites Kelly Blue Book (K BB) began life in 1918 as Kelly Kar Company with three
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It wasn’t until 1993 that the Kelly Blue Book published a consumer addition. With 15 years of used-car values and more than 10,000 miles of cars, it became an instant hit with the public. In 1995 KBB launched its first website,, charging customers $3.95 for a pricing report. The backlash was immediate and pronounced. Customers argued that information on the Internet should be free. K BB gave in after only three weeks and switch to a business model supported by advertising and partners. All of this led, in 2002, to the introduction of the “Fair Purchase Price for New Cars” on the website, and a reevaluation of the website by NetConversions (NetC) to increase its usability for the consumer and profitability for K BB.
Develop the management-research question hierarchy through investigative questions for this project
• Management Dilemma
How to make more money out of the website.
• Management Question
Is the company using the most effective techniques on the website to accomplish the objective?
• Research Questions
1. How do we get site visitors to go where K BB and its partners will make the most money?
2. What is the most profitable section on the site?
3. How do we get the site visitor to access one of our partners?
4. How do we get site visitors to access new car quotes?
5. What is the effect of long web pages on site visitors?
6. Are site visitors scrolling down the longer webpages?
7. Where