Health Care and Nursing Home

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Title: -‘A Report Submitted to the Continuing Care Committee within NHS Blackburn with Darwen Teaching Care Trust Plus’.

A Report Submitted to

The Open University


1. Introduction 2

2. Perspective on chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

and Stroke 3

2.1 Professional perspective 4
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However a major risk of their death in the next year has been involved with it. So, one of the obligations is to mentally prepare a family member of the patient about the possible death of the patient. The service of visiting the service user once in a week has also been offered by the general practitioner. • Another General practitioner suggested that it is vital to build a relationship between the professional of health care and nursing home. Previously, Nurses used to call practitioners to explain a little and ask them to meet patients if possible but it has been improved a lot recently by improving the confidence level of nursing home. The nursing home staffs in Blackburn has been declared as the vital workers for the health and resident’s well-being by the general practitioners because the professional workers of the nursing home are with the service users all the time when their condition is deteriorated.

2. Service user perspective: Again – use about 300 words for this section and refer to a mixture of module materials and external sources, together with in-text references. What is the service user perspective? Explain that fully – and use material such as that located on


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