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Premarital & Marital Counseling
David Cook
Liberty University
December 06, 2014

Case study PREPARE/ENRICH Steve and Cindy
When a couple agrees to counseling to help their marriage, one of the first things sought after would be to resolve differences that are weighing heavy on the marriage. In this case, Steve and Cindy have started on a journey through taking the PREPARE/ENRICH program. The tests and answers are detailed to the couples characteristics and personalities and cover the couples strengths and weaknesses. This case study analysis will separate the case into three main topics of discussion. Their strengths and weaknesses will be highlighted first then potential conflicts or problems will be discussed and finally a
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The report shows that the couple has several strengths to build a foundation on. Their religious beliefs, their commitment to each other, and the importance they place on family, the relationship they have with family and friends and the couple’s agreement to their roles and responsibilities show that there is a firm foundation that the marriage is built on. The couple’s agreement on their religious beliefs is one building point in their marriage. They feel that going to church can strengthen the marriage and they both rely on faith in God when they are faced with tough times and they both agree to give to the church. Religious beliefs and the couple’s relationship with God is one area that seems to connect the couple deeply during troubled times. The couple shares a desire and commitment to the relationship and with all the growth potential and weakness the couple is experiencing they both are committed to each other. They both report that they are willing to do whatever it takes to make the marriage work. They both are consistent with their desire to do better in managing their time with each other. They both indicated the need to find common activities that interest both. The strength in commitment is reinforced by the report of no abuse in the relationship and their agreement on the level of trust and responsibility they feel for their roles in the


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