How to Read 10k Report

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Assignment 1
Please select a company that your group would like to analyze throughout the semester.
The goals of the assignment are (1) to help you read through the 10K/Q reports issued by US corporations in accordance with SEC regulations and (2) to help familiarize yourselves with the company you plan to study this semester. 10K/Q reports can be found on a company’s website, or on EDGAR, located at However, EDGAR can also be accessed through Mergentonline available through Hofstra’s electronic library. You might have to use other sources in the Hofstra Electronic Library to complete a few of these items. You can also go to the company’s website for information.
Answer the following questions about your
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4. Describe what assets are contained in “other current assets.” 5. What is contained in goodwill, if the company has this account? 6. What methods does the company use to depreciate its assets? 7. In what type of PPE does the company have its largest investment? 8. Does the company have any operating leases? Any capitalized leases? What is the difference? 9. List the company’s outstanding debt from shortest maturity to longest maturity. Briefly describe the terms of each security. Are the terms of any securities expected to change in the upcoming year? (For example, will the interest rate on a revolving credit line change?) 10. Debt payments for the next five years must be disclosed. Indicate the debt payments for each of those years. 11. Does this company offer post-retirement benefits to its employees? If so, what type of plan is offered? What is the difference between a defined benefit and a defined contribution plan? How much money did the company set aside this year for this account? 12. Describe what is contained in the company’s “other liabilities”. 13. Describe what is contained in the company’s accounts payables. 14. Does the company have a par value for its stock? What is it? 15. Does the company have preferred stock? Different classes for its common stock? If so, describe them. 16. When was the last issue of common stock? Explain the difference between the book value and market value of


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