Management Styles

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Yolanda D. Jones

Colorado Technical University

Management Styles

There are some traits which constitute a good manager, however being a good manager is not necessary based on education, experience, or skills, but more tangible personal attributes that would make an individual a successful manager. First, and most possibly foremost, is the blended attribute of leader and manager. The ability to be an effective manager and enable individuals under their leadership to be productive, a manager must be committed and willing to do whatever it takes to make your organization successful.
In this particular scenario, there are two very different and distinct management styles; however, they both seem to be effective. Sharon’s
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Third, SOX has amended the current federal obstruction of justice law to criminalized retaliation against whistleblowers who provide “truthful information” to a “law enforcement officer” about the “possible commission of a Federal offense.” This provision of the SOX is not merely limited to publicly traded corporations; it covers every employer nationwide. Lastly, is an enforcement provision says that …. . shall be treated for all purposes in the same manner as a violation of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.” This section grants jurisdiction to the SEC to enforce every aspect of the SOX. It also provides for criminal penalties for any violation of the SOX, including the whistleblower-related provisions (, 2012).
In order for the implementation of the SOX whistleblower policies to be implemented within a short period of time, Sharon and Marcia must utilize their management skills in order to get this system up and running. The first order of business would be to procure a system which would enable employees to report any violations, along with any additional systems of checks and balances which could alleviate any additional fraudulent activities. Due to the fact that this organization is a small business, it would not


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