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Exercises in Sportscasting

Linda K. Fuller, PhD

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Introduction Chapter 1. Introduction to Sports, Sportscasters, and Sportscasting Chapter 2. The Historical Development of Sports and Sportscasting Chapter 3. The Economics of Sports, Sportscasters, and
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Frame of reference: The writer’s point of view, or bias. Do you think she or he is qualified to write about this subject? Is the book based on personal experience? 4. Thesis: What is the main point here? Why do you think this book was written? Read the preface and the book jacket, if applicable. Give a brief description of the book in terms of its thesis, and give your opinion on how well it is supported.



5. Evidence: What kinds of arguments does the author use, and how successfully? Do you think the facts are valid? Are the conclusions under- or overstated, and how do they stand up? 6. Contribution to knowledge: What does this book add to both your education and that of others who might read it? Who might like to read this book? 7. Your evaluation of the book: Was it well written? Well organized? Would you read more books by this author? 8. Overall personal reaction: Was reading this book and writing this book report a worthwhile experience for you? Did you discuss this book with anyone?
Bibliography on Globalization Allison, Lincoln (2006). The global politics of sport: The role of global institutions in sport. Oxford, UK: Routledge. Amis, John (2005). Global sport sponsorship. Oxford, UK: Berg Publishing. Andrews, David L. (2006). Sport-commerce-culture: Essays on sport in late capitalist America. New York: Peter Lang. Baimer, A. 2001. Sport, nationalism, and globalization: European and North American perspectives. Albany, NY: SUNY.


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