The Graduate Essay

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The Graduate “Just one word … plastics,” the statement that alone can summarize Mike Nichols’ 1967 film, The Graduate. However, when Mr. McQuire tells the movie’s main character, Ben Braddock, that there is "a great future in plastics" he finds it irrelevant and escapes to be alone in his room. However this comment surreptitiously creates a parallel to everything we see in Ben’s life. Whether it be the apprehensive relationship with his parents, an alienated affair with Mrs. Robinson, or the near unsuccessful pursuit in finding the man within, the film conveys a strong sense of how fear and self doubt can lead to the ultimate downfall in a person. Over zealous, and a tendency to meddle, Mr. and Mrs. Braddock are aimlessly suffocating …show more content…

Robinson. Although the illicit relationship meant little to Ben, his new found wisdom gained from Mrs. Robinson does in some way help him. Without her confessions of Mr. Robinson’s simple imperfections, he would not have had the push to go out with Elaine, who instills much needed confidence in him. Mrs. Robinson does not approve of the two being together and does everything in her power to ruin the relationship. Knowing that she does not approve of his fling with Elaine it only makes him want her more, for she is “the first thing for so long that [he] likes, the first person [he] could stand to be with.” Since he can now have the girl, and seek revenge, Ben finally finds the courage to over throw Mrs. Robinson’s perceived power and gain his much needed confidence and fearlessness. The inadequate social capability Ben upholds throughout The Graduate is emphasized in several elements. Conclusively Ben over comes his social incompetence by means of his oppressive parents, the loveless affair with Mrs. Robinson, and his discovery with manhood through the confidence obtained from what he feels is love. Through his unwillingness to listen and take others’ advise Ben creates his own sense of independence, that ultimately allows him to break through of his self-doubt and fear


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