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AHEL 1083 (2013/2014) THURSDAY, 15 AUGUST 2013
SECTION A: ESSAY WRITING [Total: 40 marks]
Choose ONE of the topics below. Write an essay of not less than 350 words on it.
1. The causes of road accidents in Malaysia.
2. Write a story in which you were a victim of a snatch theft.
PART I: Word Form (10 marks)
Each of the blanks below stands for a correct form of word suggested in the brackets. Write ONE word as your answer.
Eg: The scenery here is so ______ that I decided to stay for another day. (beauty)
ANSWER: beautiful
1. Jason’s boss advised him to attend an _____ management course. (angry)
2. That _____ dressed woman is
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Marks will be deducted if answers are copied directly from the passage.

A serious case of plagiarism was discovered at the Faculty of Arts in a renowned university recently. A student submitted a thesis that had been copied in full from the Internet. The university authorities firmly decided to expel the student from the university.
Cases similar to the above have been getting worldwide attention in the academic world. Most students have the incorrect concept of plagiarism. They fail to realise that it is not only copying someone else’s work or ideas but also includes other actions such as the absence of citations and the use of incorrect citations.
There are two types of plagiarism. One is deliberate plagiarism and the other is unintentional plagiarism. The first occurs when students are aware that they are passing off someone else’s work or ideas as their own. On the other hand, unintentional plagiarism occurs when students use the words or ideas of others but fail to do citation or give credit to the original author.
Students who commit deliberate plagiarism usually do so because they are pressured into getting good academic grades. This pressure is due to competition for scholarships and high-paying jobs. Besides that, expectations from family members and personal expectations can also place a great deal of anxiety on students to maintain excellent results.
Unintentional plagiarism is committed by