Cultural Diversity in America

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America is greatly influenced and enhanced by the many versatile cultures which inhabit it. Cultural diversity has added to our economy in such a way that it brings innovated ideas and contact structures throughout the world. International cuisines have come to America through subcultures, have expanded the food industry, and have allowed English Americans to try new foods and flavors. Immigrants have brought with them religious values that greatly differ and vary from those at which were natural in the main stream American culture. The educational development through foreign nationals has led America, as a nation, to excel and be deemed one of the most intelligent nations in the world! Consequently, the subcultures have kept our …show more content…

Even English Americans have been known to join in such celebrations. Furthermore, the subcultures add to the educational influence of each and every individual in America. Foreign languages have become an overlooked addition and to some a part of our everyday lives. In some areas in our nation, taking a foreign language class in high school has become mandatory in an effort to assist in the demolition of language barriers and cultural competence. The engineering and architectural influence in America has become so diverse that one can view a piece of a foreign country here in his or her very own community . For instance, take a look at Chinatown, New York City, NY (see Figure 3 and Figure 4). This bustling community is full of what we call, 'a diverse subculture'. Many versatile subcultures work hard to fulfill the 'American dream'. But in order to appreciate these you must first let go of any stereotypical viewpoints you have against them. As stated in the essay "Marrakech" by George Orwell, "All people who work with their hands are partly invisible, and the more important work they do, the less visible they are." (Par 17). Contrary to popular belief, most immigrants do not work as lower-class employees (see Table 1). Rather, they work in the midst of us and together we stand united as one nation. We must grow to appreciate these subcultures and embrace them for the good that they have brought to our country. Immigrants really are the


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