Higher Education in the 21st Century

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Chomnapas C. (Amp)
Outline some of the main issues facing higher education in the 21st century. To what extent is higher education an effective means of both obtaining employment and learning the basic prerequisite skills for global workplace?

Since educational level has been essential in global society, there is an increase of higher education’s demands in labour markets. These are affecting both new graduates and existing workers who are looking for jobs. In addition, various companies today require a lot of skilled people to work in their companies. Interestingly, the unemployment situation is still occurring, even though the high educational requirement in the global work place is high. This essay highlights three main problems.
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As Ramsden (2008) argued, “most students have a limited view of what higher education is like before they begin it (…) students may be unaware of the demands of a university education” (p.2). Therefore, universities and students should take time to adjust the unclear point about how studying and understanding. To sum up the great attentions in detail are so important when students need to find a job with higher salaries in their real life.
However, many people would argue that the high level of education do not affect to get jobs but it does not mean that the students should avoid for studying in higher education. The first reason is there are many advantages for studying at university. The higher educated people can guarantee to get a better salary and higher status in society. For example, the higher education in China is not only study but also a good investment and precious resource of future income (Li et al, 2008). Furthermore, Level of education is related with an increasing chance to find a better job with higher starting salaries because it is the first qualification, which employers will consider to hire a worker. The probability for getting a better job depends on the educational level, which is the significant role in consideration of employers and also increasing of starting salary (ibid.). It is clear from the above that the higher education is still the vital role in society that concern with high opportunity to get a better job with high


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