Informative Breast Cancer Speech

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Informative Speech: Breast Cancer

Attention Getter: What do Sheryl Crow, Judy Blume, Suzanne Somers, Wanda Sykes and my Mother have in common? They are all breast cancer survivors.

Topic Disclosure: Today I am going to talk to you about breast cancer information and awareness

Preview: During my speech I will discuss: * Symptoms and Diagnosis * Treatment and Side effects * Ways to lower risk and Statistics

Audience Link: There is a large amount of men and women who are diagnosed with breast cancer everyday but they usually don’t know how it forms and ways it can be treated. Breast cancer is a very serious disease that shouldn’t be taken likely. Even if you do not have breast cancer, chances are that you know or will
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* In 2011, an estimated 230,480 new cases of invasive breast cancer was expected to be diagnosed. * 2,140 in men * 1 in 1000 men will risk breast cancer * In 2011 more than 2.6 million survivors. * Older you get the higher your chance to get breast cancer

B) (2011) indicates that lifestyle changes have been shown in studies to decrease cancer risk even in high-risk women.
Ways of prevention would be: * Limit alcohol * Don’t smoke * Control weight * Be physically active * Breast feed * Limit exposure to plastic (BPA)(Synthetic estrogen)

Summary: While being more aware of your body, you will have the information to prevent a disease that is able to take control of your body.

Review: Today I talked about the symptoms and diagnosis, treatment and side effects, and ways to lower your risk and statistics of breast cancer.

Tie Back: While my mom isn’t a movie star, she fought her battles like one showing optimism, strength and elegance in her lowest time of all.


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