Human Sustainability Theme Exposition

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BMO3327: Organizational Change and Development

Assessment 4: Individual Theme Exposition Essay


Human Sustainability

Student: Jana Moniez
Student No: s3885730

Seminar: Tuesday's 2-5
Coach: Angela Bowles

Human sustainability is imperative to the success of organizational change and development, according to Dunphy, Griffiths and Benn (2007) 'Building of knowledge systems, social capital and other strategies designed to increase and sustain human capability are vital.' This is due to the fact that employees spend at least half their life in the workforce; therefore they are searching for work that is meaningful and where they can thrive as this increases productivity and
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(Dunphy, Griffiths and Benn 2007)

This brings me to the approach of human efficiency which 'is an organization making maximum use of their human capabilities. Which involves 'insuring you have the right number of people, who have a good mix of skills to perform strategic goals effectively and insuring their future development.'(Dunphy, Griffiths and Benn 2007) As Wilkinson, Hill and Gollan (2001) state 'the HR policies and practices need to be integrated for sustained business performance and positive employee outcomes of equity, development and well being.' Research has also proven a strong link between a companies investment in their people creates better profits. Take a look at the company Zappo's. Their culture is centered around their 10 core values which are people centered for instance be 'fun and a little bit weird, do more with less, pursue growth and learning, wow through customer service' (Zappo's 2013) Through the use of these cultural values they were able to reach over $1 billion in sales in 2008.

In conclusion I firmly believe that all three methods of efficiency should be used together especially before any retrenchment of employees are considered, since employees are a wealth of knowledge and information considering that they are the ones actually completing the tasks, allowing them to come up with the creation of new ideas and streamlining the procedures and processes allows for increased


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