Cause and Effect Essay

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Cause and Effect Essay

Why Am I a College Student?

Obtaining a college education is an essential part of my career goals and life. I am attending college to gain more knowledge, have the necessary credentials to be competitive in my career, and to make my family proud. One day I want to own and operate my own hotel company with my sister, who is currently attending Norfolk State University studying Tourism & Hospitality Management as well. We plan to start our business together and become one of the top lodging companies in the world. As a child, my parents took me and my siblings on all types of trips. I have been all over the United States including Hawaii as well as Cancun, Mexico and Greece.
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People who go on to do higher education tend to be healthier and a generally more rounded person than someone who just got a high school education. College graduates get more experience meeting new and like-minded people which helps their social skills(Importance of College). Living in the college environment helps to develop important skills that will be useful throughout life. Also, going to college helps you to become an expert in your chosen field. You are able to study what you are interested in and make contacts with some of the greatest minds in that field (Importance of College). I had been out of school for over a year and realized that getting my degree is a very essential part of my career goals and life. So I enrolled back in school at Norfolk State University to obtain my degree and graduate. If I want to grow in the hospitality industry as a manager, director, general manager, and then owner I must have a degree. Most large, full-service hotel chains usually hire people who have a bachelor’s degree in business, hotel, or hospitality management for management trainee positions (Bureau of Labor Statistics). Many lodging companies will not hire you as a manager or promote you as a general manager if you don’t have a bachelor’s degree and since that is my dream, I must get my degree. My family was so excited when I graduated from high school and attended Michigan State University with a full scholarship. I would


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