Idiot Nation Essay

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In America, the people are all in agreement that everyone needs to receive a free education. After this free education is completed, high school graduates are urged to go on to college. This leads many people to believe that it will help our country reach the goal of becoming a smarter nation. However, in his essay Idiot Nation, Michael Moore argues that the exact opposite is occuring. We are becoming a nation full of idiots.

Sadly, Michael Moore is correct. The majority of the people in this country are, indeed, idiots. This is due to the nation’s poor educational system and the people’s lack of gratitude and motivation.

First of all, America’s standards of education are far lower than several other countries. In other
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And why do schools seem to care more about sports than the children’s education? School sports teams are always permitted to leave during school hours so they can hurry to get to a game. However, the team does not seem to hurry until after it stops to have a two hour lunch. A student belongs in the classroom during school hours, with minimal exceptions.

Students, however, feel that the less time spent in the classroom, the better their life is. They would rather be at the mall, at the movies, or at home watching television or surfing the web. This is true for more than just students; it’s the overall American population. American’s have become lazy, and few of us wish to actually challenge our minds or to pick up a book. Instead, the people of this country opt to fill their brains with completely useless information. People know more about the death of Anna Nicole Smith than they do about the war in Iraq. A person cannot even turn the channel without hearing the latest update in Britney Spears’s life. If Americans would redirect their focus on celebrities to things that actually mattered, this country would be much improved. This lack of interest in true knowledge can be blamed on the fact that many Americans do not realize how truly lucky they are to receive an education. They take this for granted and do not fully take advantage of it. They need to realize that they are hurting more than just themselves; they are


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