The Good and Bad of Using the Computer.

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Topic 1: It is hard imagine people can live without friends.
Many people have said that we can’t live without friends. I totally agree with this point of view. There are many reasons why I support this idea.
First of all, we do not live alone. As human being, we have a need in sharing our feeling both happingess and sadness. There is a saying that “ sorrow shared is sorrow halved, andjoy shared is joy double “. This world and life will be nothing if we do not have any friends nearby.Secondly, friends can bring us joys and happiness. Friends also heip and give us good advice when we meet difficulties or problems in life. Whith friends we feel more confident in facing to challenge in life.It is ciose friends who are present in our
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Topic 7: What I do to maintain good friendship.
Friendship is really important in our life, so we should care much of our friendship.However, it is not easy to have a good friendship, but it is more difficult to keep our friendship going on.In order to maintain good friendship,I thinks I should do the following things.
First of all,I certainly love and in any situation,Secondly,I try to keep a close contact with my friends by phoning or inviting them to go out for a meal or drink.Thirdly,I will help them when they meet difficult and troubles in life.There is a saying that “a friend in need is a friend indeed”, so everyone always needs help from their friends in hard times.Finally, I always remind me that I should not cheat my friends.We should be honest and faithful in friendship.I hope that by doing the above things we can grow friendship permanently.

Topic 8: How to be successful in your English learning.
In modem world,English continually should its


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