Unit 304 Promote Children and Young People’s Positive Behaviour

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Outcome 1

Obtain a copy of your schools behaviour policy and summarise it, write briefly on the main points of the policy including:

a) Code of conduct

Our policy has high expectations for both staff and pupils, I have highlighted the expectations in my policy attached, see DKB 1 and DKB 2.

b) Rewards and sanctions

See level 2

c) Dealing with conflict and inappropriate behaviour

See level 2

d) Anti bullying

We have a detailed policy regarding anti bullying which explains what bullying is, why it is important to respond to bullying, signs and symptoms of bullying and how to handle it. How it is dealt with is highlighted in the anti bullying policy DKB 3.

e) Attendance
The school has just amended this
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The pupil’s self-esteem will rise and they will want to come to school, also they will want to learn. They learn by example therefore all members of staff need to encourage and praise any positive behaviour.

Outcome 3


Explain the sorts of behaviour or discipline issues that should be referred to others and to whom would you refer them to.

If a pupil strikes another pupil or a member of staff then that pupil misses the next play time and goes to Quality Thinking Time (QTT), that pupils teacher is informed of any bad behaviour and why that pupil is in QTT. Also there is a class log book which any issues are recorded and if the poor behaviour continues the parents are invited in to discuss the pupils behaviour.

Outcome 5

5.3 Give an example of when you have used your own knowledge of promoting positive behaviour to contribute to reviews of behaviour policies, including bullying, attendance and the effectiveness of rewards and sanctions.

I give the class teacher feedback daily regarding the pupils I work with who have specific behavioural difficulties, if however the pupil’s behaviour has been specifically poor or they will not do the work that they have been given I will speak to the teacher during the lesson. We work on a reward basis and if they have 12 ticks on their chart then they are given computer time at the end of the day. By ensuring the IEP log


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