A Critique of “the Undercover Parent” by Harlan Coben

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A Critique of “The Undercover Parent” by Harlan Coben I have talked with some of my friends about “Should parents install spyware on the computer to inspect their kids?” All of them think that was not an appropriate way. One of them, Tonya Steel said, “It makes me sick that parents can put spyware on computer to stalk their kids.” She didn’t mean the software that just blocks porn sites; she just couldn’t accept the one that record every keystroke, every page clicked on even every msn convo. Tonya said: “It crossing the line way too far!” However, when I discuss this question with some parents, their answers are diversity. Some of them think it depend on children’s age, such as if kids are just 10, and they will consider to put spyware …show more content…

In addition, parents should have context when they educate their kids. For instance, when parents notice a flaw that shows their kids may using drugs or having sex, parents should have a conversation with kids, and give examples such as some videos to let them know why it is wrong instead of just force kids not to do it. Coben maintains that parents should use some way to protect kids because there are a lot of negative things on the Internet that are not appropriate for teenagers to touch. I think the difference between adults and children is adults know what ought to do and what should not to do. Kids don’t have the ability to distinguish right and wrong. So this is why kids need to have a guardian; and one of guardian’s functions is to help kids distinguish right and wrong. However, Coben doesn’t suggest parents secretly listen to kids’ every conversation. He thinks parents still need to give kids free space. He believes “There is a fine line between being responsibly protective and irresponsibly nosy.” Parents just need to make sure their kids are away from dangerous such as drugs; parents are not necessary to monitor all the things such as who is your daughter’s currently boyfriend. For children, they should understand parents’ position; they should work on how to let parents trust instead of