How World Has Changed Past 40 Years

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Solongo Burennemekh
Marc Hamilton
Management Practices
17 October 2012
The world has changed in many ways over the past years, and it will continue to change in the future. For the last forty years, the world has suffered several changes both good and bad and it makes individuals have what they have today. However, despite of people arguments, the world has changed for the better. It is because of the science, technology, and the internet, and those factors are plays very important roles of today’s world changes. The main reason is that things make human’s life simpler and easier. Before forty years ago, people do not have cell phones, tablets, computers, the internet, and so on. In addition, they did not know how world is going
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Also, the internet brings people the theft of personal information. When people use online banking or online shopping, hackers can access people’s personal and financial information such as, credit card number, address, and so on. Due to that inconvenience, may people loss their identity, their funds, and their personal information. Also, it has been many cases of the financial frauds. However, not only the internet changes the world over the past forty years, the technology impacts the changes of the world too. Without the technology, many things that people have today are not going to be invented or created. Due to the rapid technology advance, the people have unintentionally and unwillingly adapted to convenience of the technology. Therefore, every people in this world have the electronic devices, especially computer. As a result, the computer helps people to improve their life. For example, computer can store any kind of information and data, whether it is too big or not, so it significantly reduces the usage of papers. In addition, computer software’s and programs help people to be more efficient and productive. For instance, because of the architecture software program, engineers can create any kind of the building’s architecture without any mistake. Also, computer can do analysis and estimations easily, thus many company use computer software programs to run their business successfully. However, the saddest thing is that people cannot do their job


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