Engineer and Society

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Case 1: An inspector discovers faulty construction equipment and applies a violation tag, preventing its continued use. The inspector’s supervisor, a construction manager, views the case as a minor infraction of safety regulations and orders the tag removed so the project will not be delayed. What should she do?

The moral dilemma she suffered is either she should report the faulty to the higher administration, and told them the consequences if it is ignored or just follow the orders of her supervisor, removing the violation tag and continue the project. The moral issues occurred in this case is her supervisor that just selfishly ignored the faulty so that the project will not be delayed. In making a judgement, the inspector should
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As the national competition nears, the robot’s motor overheats, and the engine burns out. He wants to help the dispirited students and believes his mentoring commitment requires he do more. But doing so would involve additional evening work that could potentially harm his work, if not his family.

The moral dilemma that the aerospace engineer faces is either to help the students during evening for the competition or he just leaves the dispirited students without helping them.He can help them with the additional evening work, encourage them or give some idea to them how to overcome that problem. Another solution is that he can just ignore these students and continue doing his work. The aerospace engineer should help these students even he is just volunteering to help them. By doing this, he could help these students to achieve their goal in the competition, and motivated them to join another competition.

Case 4: During an investigation of a bridge collapse, Engineer A investigates another similar bridge and finds it to be only marginally safe. He contacts the governmental agency responsible for the bridge and informs them of his concern for the safety of the structure. He is told that the agency is aware of this situation and has planned to provide in next year’s budget for its repair. Until then, the bridge must remain open to traffic. Without the bridge, emergency vehicles such as police and fire apparatus would have to


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