Accounting Information System

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Question 1
Mrs. Sally runs a bakery business, Sweet Delight which caters to both individuals and businesses. However, there are some flaws found in her current sales system that caused a loss of significant amount of money. Hoping that she’s able to improve her cash flow, there are some weaknesses highlighted in her current practice. i) Poor online ordering.
Having an online catalogue is beneficial for businesses today. It gives the owner slight edge and greater opportunity against their competitors. Most customer nowadays prefer online
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It eases business transactions with fast, reliable and secure transmission of data. There are various payment getaways that can be chosen from such as PayPal, and WorldPay that offers their service at lower cost. The transaction fees being paid is just a fractions of sales the business making. Mrs. Sally can use this option as online shopping has become a breeze with payment getaways. Customers can easily place and pay their orders at the same time without the hassle of contacting thru phones or emails. Mrs. Sally also can keep track of her online ordering easily. In addition, online payment gateway helps Mrs. Sally improves her customer service, thus increase profit and minimizing late payments (BluePay, 2013). ii) Point of sales system (POS)
Point of sales system will help Mrs. Sally to track sales, cash flow and her inventories. She also can keep track of her customers without the risk of losing orders. In addition, it can enhance the efficiency of the business by providing real-time data of the bakery cash flow and inventory management (, 2013). Furthermore, POS system also enhances the communication between the kitchen and bakery. As orders are placed in the computer, it goes directly to the kitchen printer. This way it can ensure the orders are well executed. Besides, the system also can track the bestseller items in the bakery according to products that has the most sales. As the system acts on real-time basis, all


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