The Employee Turnover Assignment

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Employee Turnover
Crystal Price Quality Service Assurance
HTM 150 Dr. Danika Rainer
May 03, 2013


Within this writing assignment, I will briefly identify the hospitality industry. The industry that I will be speaking upon will Mississippi Management Incorporation & Hyatt Place Germantown Hotel and I will explain the categories of employees. I will summarize three reasons why Mississippi Management Incorporation & Hyatt Place Germantown Hotel turnover with this company is so high in this industry. There will be one method to address each of the three primary reasons that turnover is so high in
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3. The hospitality industry is known for having high turnover. This can be voluntary where servant chooses to leave, or unconscious, where the choice is made for them by the company. Hospitality jobs often involve working in unpleasant condition, such as hot kitchen or during unwelcome hours (holidays, night, and weekends). Therefore it has been a public misconception of the hospitality industry leads to yet another reason for high staff turnover. The hospitality industry suffers from the general public concept that this type of work is easy and turns a quick profit. Individuals enter the industry with the expectancy of immediate cash reimbursement with trifling effort put forth. * Recommend one method to address each of the three primary reasons that turnover is so high in this industry.
A standard and equitable evaluation system is a key to the development of the company. Key performance is widely used at MMI & Hyatt Place Germantown Hotel to measure staff performance. What gets measure, get focused on. By addressing the pay gap, the company can demand greater performance and demonstrate that in the future those employees, who perform get paid more and get promoted. In such an environment those who leave are less likely to be the individuals who the company wants to keep. The company


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