Organizational Behaviour Assignment

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Tom Daily- PT3350 – Assignment 1

Chapter 1 Case Incident: How a UPS Manager Cut Turnover

1. In dollars-and-cents’ terms, why did Katriona Roeder want to reduce turnover?

Katriona Roeder wanted to reduce turnover because she knew her annual savings would increase due to lower hiring costs. She was responsible for $255 million in revenue, yet her part-time employees had a turnover rate of 50% per year. She was well aware that fixing this issue would most definitely lead to more productivity and less costs.

2. What are the implications from this case for motivating part-time employees?

The implications to motivate would be to make the building more user-friendly, more guidance and training for new hires. Katriona was aware
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3. Do you believe that Rodriguez is high or low on core self-evaluation? On what information did you base your decision?

Rodriguez is definitely high on core self-evaluation. He obviously liked himself, and knew he was capable and effective. This was evident because he knew that he was capable of much more than just working for someone. He knew that his work and attention to detail was effective enough to be his own boss. He felt in control over his environment, that’s why he took something in his jewelry environment that never existed, and created it with great success.

4. What information about Rodriguez suggests that he has a proactive personality?

As I mentioned in number one, Oscar saw an opportunity that no one else had seen, and took the initiative to follow his heart in the venture. Even though it didn’t seem that optimistic at first, he persevered until positive changes happened. He faced constraints and obstacles from jewel dealers and customers, so he made the positive changes that were needed.

Chapter 3 Case Incident: Gourmet Foods Works on Employee Attitudes

1. Explain the logic as to how Nelson’s three-day course could positively influence Gourmet Foods’ profitability.

The course could positively influence the profitability because the employees would be happier and more positive. There would be many “opportunities for customer service”, which would lead to an increase in customer satisfaction and loyalty, which would


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