Week 10 Assignment 2: Ms Project and Team Leadership

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Week 10 Assignment 2: MS Project and Team Leadership

Jamal Herrera
June 16, 2013
Human Resources Projects- HRM 517 Instructor: Dr. Stephen Castellese

1. Write a memo that communicates the budget situation to the rest of the team.


To: Team Members on the Compensation / Benefits Project

From: Director of Human Resources

Date: 6/16/2013

Re: Budgetary concerns related to the revamp Compensation/Benefits package.

While assessing the budget details of the Compensation and Benefits package project some concerns have been raised, that the budget is depleting quicker than expected. This issue is related to specific target
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For those individuals who have a hard time managing their day or assignments, there could be some additional training that will provide them the skills to execute on deadlines. If a team member is always missing deadlines or asking for extensions, than this is a case of time management issues. One way to assist the employee with time management is to provide the necessary training to develop this skill. Time Management training courses are designed to help participants develop their skills in time management to achieve more effective results in less time (http://www.siliconbeachtraining.co.uk). The benefits for this training will provide an individual with increased productivity, provide more control over his or her time, and reduce stress (http://www.siliconbeachtraining.co.uk).

3. Organize a plan of action to get the project back on track. The Compensation and Benefits project has been projected to be six weeks out of our deadline due to various issues. With careful monitoring and regular reporting are crucial to effectively managing the schedule and avoiding problems (http://www.collegiateproject.com). Once the issue has been identified, them a meeting with the team would be scheduled to discuss ways to getting the project back on track. The root cause of the problem could be a variety of things such as additional resources needed, team members are


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