Cerujugo Hr Case Analysis

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Individual Case Assignment
MHR 505
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By: Benjamin Morgan
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From the assigned reading it becomes clear that there are a number of symptoms which suggest that beverage manufacturer and distributer Cerjugo SA is a company in crisis. The main signal that Cerjugo is not living up to its expectations is that its forecasted sales and profit targets, for its juice division, have not been met for two consecutive years this is especially troubling for a company which in the past boasted a 98% share of the beer market in Latin America. Beyond the lack luster sales numbers there are many other symptoms that Cerjugo’s juice division is ailing, such as reports that potential customers are not aware of the
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Another important step in job enrichment is the formation of a strong rewards program which will greatly minimize social loafing by making individual performance both visible and well rewarded for high achievers.
As the sales team develops a greater understanding of their clients, this knowledge can be further utilized by encouraging brainstorming sessions with the staff. Due to their part ownership of the company and superior understanding of their clients their insights could be invaluable to the company, furthermore this exercise will increases job enrichment, creates a sense of belongingness and lead to an overall higher level of motivation amongst employees.
Team building exercises would also prove to beneficial for Cerjugo across all levels of their hierarchical structure, these exercises must be specific to problem, ongoing and take place on the job site. By not segregating the sales force from higher tier management stronger lines of communication and trust could be established which will inevitably improve the corporate culture and create the “team” vibe which the company appears to be missing. Some important areas to focus on when organizing team building activities include goal setting, problem solving and interpersonal skills development activities.
If the organization was separated into 2 clear divisions, one handling juice and the other beer then it would be advisable for the tall span of control to be adapted due to the relatively low