Club Med (B) Case Study

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Answers to Club Med (B) Case Study 1) Are there problems in the recruitment process? Why? What are your recommendations?
Club Med, by understanding the case, is considered an high potentially turnover company, since it’s natural characteristics on type of business, and also, type of framework, mainly focused on person specifications, extremely dated on time.
Having considered these aspects, it seems obvious to the reader that Club Med is wrongly approaching the recruitment process, as a whole, consequentially affecting the company’s business on GO’s work condition. In order to clearly structure the recruitment problem, we’ve decided to split the global problem in several urgent issues to solve, being them, the selecting process, the
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Therefore, we may say that the turnover is a very serious problem on the first two ways (which are those that have more weight too), since it is very difficult to find good GOs during a season. In the 3rd and in the 4th ways, the turnover is no longer such a big problem since at the end of the season, there will be a new recruitment process, with more than 10.000 candidates, and Club Med will already be prepared for the newcomers and for the quitters.
One of the big reasons for this high turnover rate in the American Zone is related to the fact that the majority of the Chiefs of the Village are French / European, so they often don’t understand how American GOs have to be managed, creating serious problems. Additionally, these chiefs often have difficulties with the English language, and therefore, they do not provide as much training and feedback as they should. Jack Amazallag, thinks that if these chiefs were more involved in the recruitment process, maybe they would understand how difficult it is to find good GOs and so they would try to make an effort to work with the GOs instead of firing them right away (this will be referred later as a cons of high turnover).
Most of the companies struggle to maintain low turnover of employees. Sometimes, there are advantages associated to high turnover, depending on the industry and other factors. To analyse this, we will now refer the pros of a high turnover. The first “pro” is the “new blood” factor, since the new


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