Coca-Cola Ad Campaign

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Executive Summary
The three major issues in this advertising campaign for Coca-Cola Classic are to increase the number of people who drink Coca-Cola Classic, make our advertising more creative, and to ultimately beat our competitors. Our target market can be explained in just one word, everyone. Since Coca-Cola Classic had been around for many years everyone has heard of it. It does not matter what age, race, religion or what kind of financial status you have. The main thing that we need to do, is to take back all of the people that our competitors have taken away from us over the years. Though we do have great customer loyalty we want to increase the numbers. What's wrong with being the ultimate best? Nothing and that is exactly what
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They started developing signs to promote Coca-Cola. They started to paint on oil-cloth banners and streetcar signs with the new logo on it. After they did this the new soda-fountain beverage started to sell very well.
John Pemberton started to grow very ill though because of cancer, but he wanted to keep his company alive so he pushed to get better and back to work, which he did. But then again in 1887 he became ill once again. He started to sell of parts to his company mostly to Willis Venable and George Lowndes. Robinson did not know that he was selling off parts of the company and he wanted his share back. Venable and Lowndes ended up not being able to afford to buy the company and they began to question if it would even be successful.
They sold their portion of Coca-Cola to Woolfolk Walker and his younger sister Margaret Dozier. Dozier owned two-ninths and Walker owned four-ninths of the formula. Robinson contacted a lawyer to help him get some of his rights back, but the lawyer did not see much of a case. The lawyer did reconnect Robinson with his long lost brother, Asa Griggs Candler. Candler had always suffered many headaches so Robinson told him to drink a Coca-Cola, and when he did his headaches went away. Candler had enough money to buy some of the rights to Coca-Cola so he did, a few days later he owned the whole company. Robinson then became his partner.
Pemberton grew more and more ill and


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