Albatross Anchors Unit 6 Mt435

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Unit Six Written Assignment
MT435 Operations Management
January 22, 2013

Introduction Albatross Anchors can change several things to make their business more productive than it has been. They opened in 1976 with only four family members and now employ 130 people; this alone shows massive growth over the past 35+ years. By only selling at a wholesale level, this means that they produce and sell in mass amounts and therefore their supply chain and manufacturing process is extremely important for the company to make succeed. As of right now, Albatross Anchors is not only disorganized but they do not meet the US Safety and Environmental Standards. Albatross Anchors needs to adjust their operations in order to run smoothly and expand
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Operational Issue One: The first operational issue that needs to be addressed is cross training. By cross training the employees, the employee will not only learn a new skill but they will be knowledgeable in case a department is short staffed or a new job opportunity opens up. This will show the employees that there is trust in their abilities as well as show them how important they are to the company. This will also prevent boredom for the employee and prevent them from finding a job with another company.
Operational Issue Two: Another operational issue that should be addressed is offering the employees profit sharing. With the company expanding their operations, giving the employees a piece of the pie, so to speak, will definitely raise morale and show them that the company is on the rise. The employee will want to stay with Albatross because they have a direct impact on how well they benefit. There is also the tax deduction; by using the 401K on their personal income taxes, they can reduce the adjusted gross income. This in turn will raise their amount of taxes owed to the government.
Operational Issue Three: Thirdly, when reorganizing a company you need to address the operational issue of worker analysis. By determining if the employee has the characteristics needed to perform the job properly, the management will know that they have hired the right staff. When employees are suited to the position they were