Case Study

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MGMT 122
Organizational Behavior

By: Nicole Billoy, Karl Driver, Cory Exelby, & Kelsey Pilon

10/29/2013 Joanne Christie

Team Case Study Assignment

Synopsis: Doug Aiken took over Tech Depot and replaced the symbolic leader who founded the company, when Aiken took charge he immediately introduced a new management plan, measuring everything from sales of products to employees. He saw himself as the omnipotent leader (mgt p39) Sales dropped after two years and everything Aiken was working for diminished. He did not gets the results that were expected by the company. Many of the staff expressed dissatisfaction with their jobs The board decided they were in need of a new CEO, so they hired
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Mgt. Pg. 154.The drastic changes resulted in loss of faith and confidence in new CEO. Employee empowerment and store managers’ authority was taken away. Everything was expected to be quantified from performance measures, employee output, sales per hour, online forms per hour, etc. Employees did not feel that they were an integral part of the Company any more that was indicated by a high turnover and low employee morale. Meryl Francoli has now replaced Doug Aiken, however she may have to work a lot harder to regain the trust and confidence of the staff. Francoli wants higher sales, reignite commitment to the company, overcome high turn-over, and wants to introduce flex-time. Francoli wants to introduce this slowly without imposing her ideas. Now she has resistance from staff that do not want OME and others who are demanding it and threatening to quit.


1. Go ahead with the introduction of Output Matters Environment (OME). Offer it first as a sample to see how it works, then implement it on a voluntary basis and focus the most attention on where it is producing the best results. Ask for volunteers from around the company to participate in a focus group to evaluate the success of OME.
Advantages: The young workers who have threatened to quit will not quit and flex hours means they would be happier with their schedules.
Disadvantages: The baby boomers will be upset about the (Others Inside) OBp149, getting special


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