Organisational Change Management

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Organisational Change Management * The Courthouse Hotel Case Study –


1. Introduction p.3 2. Background Information on the Courthouse Hotel p.4 3. Internal and external drivers for change p.5-6 –PEST and SWOT 4. The Courthouse Hotel: nature of change p.7 5. Reactions to change p.8-9 6. One approach to change management: p. 10- 12
The Courthouse Hotel 7. Conclusion p.13 8. References p.14


An environment in which change may be the only constant is a challenge to every organisation and manager alike (Hayes, 2007). The need and pressure for change being consistent, it is crucial
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Incremental means doing things better and focuses on continuous improvement, whereas transformational change will facilitate programmes which focus on doing different things. Drawing heavily on Hayes (2007) in this section, we shall now determine the nature of change.

| Incremental | Transformational | Proactive | Fine Tuning | Re-orientation | Reactive | Adaptation | Re-creation |
Source: Nadler, et al, in Hayes (2007)

The standard of the hotel shall be upgraded to a 4 Star standard, there will be a wider range of services offered, major refurbishment, introduction of new facilities, such as a leisure club, restaurant and room service; as well as improved interpersonal skills and higher focus on customer care. The basis on which the Courthouse currently competes is price, but through the change initiatives it will change to competing on quality and high standards. This can be classed as doing different things and doing things differently, which means, that change they will undergo are transformational.
Re-orientation is achieved through broadening of services and facilities and upgrading to a 4 Star standard and re-creation through improved customer service and interpersonal skills.
Reactions to change

At the heart of most change lies resistance (Randall, 2004).This


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