The Business and Practice of Coaching

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The Business and Practice of Coaching
Charlie H Williams, III
Liberty University

This review examines Lynn Grodzki and Wendy Allen's book, The Business and Practice of Coaching. They use their expertise to guide the reader through what it takes to create and maintain a successful coaching business. The book unflinching look at the business side of coaching helps set the tone for the reader to help them understand that coaching is definitely a business. Throughout the book they give the reader pointers of what they have learned along the way that will help them become successful. They help the reader find their niche, how to successfully market themselves toward that target client base, and how the role of certification
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To be successful they need to be able to find their niche and network with fellow coaches in order to maximize their market base (Grodzki and Allen, 2005, p. 19). In chapter two, discussion ensues about the differences between coaching, therapy, and consulting. Grodzki and Allen (2005) explain the differences between coaching and therapy by focusing on these five areas: Who (population), what (purpose), where (setting), why (intent), and how (skills) (pp.25-26). The authors differentiate between coaching and consulting by making three major distinctions: a) who initiated requests for services (individual or organization), b) hierarchy and c) project timeline. Also they "further distinguish coaching from therapy or consulting" by listing three other areas: methodology, research, and primary element (Grodzki and Allen, 2005, pp. 34-35). Chapter three is used to offer up some advice to new coaches on how to become great. They do this in part by taking an in depth look into Hargrove's (2003) five competencies: partnership, future orientation, reinvention, cognition, and expansion (as cited in Grodzki and Allen, 2005, pp.43-44).
Part Two of the book deals with differentiation. Grodzki and Allen starts chapter four by asking a few questions that helps new coaches find out what niche that their passion, skill and


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