Why Is Leadership Style Important

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Why is Leadership Style Important?
By John Cronkite Ed.D. www.dirigoconsulting.com
A Few Reminders from Last Month: One of the most significant strengths of an effective leader is the ability to create a positive work climate. In an outstanding organizational climate, people are energized to do their best work, free of unnecessary distractions. Climates that energize workers to produce their very best can improve results by as much as 30 percent. What’s New This Month: Up to 70 percent of an employee’s perception of organizational climate can be traced directly to the actions of you as the organization’s leader. More than anyone else, you as the boss create the conditions that determine people’s ability to work well. Research by David
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Clearly formulate your vision, strategy and objectives. Use every opportunity to communicate your vision with your team Explain the “whys” behind the vision. Link your decisions to the future direction of the organization Solicit input from your team. Get their ideas, feelings and concerns about the direction of the organization and about the best way to get there

Participative: This style had a positive impact on climate but lower than the visionary style. A leader builds trust, respect and commitment with this style. It also supports flexibility and responsibility in the work unit. However it has its drawbacks. It can result in endless meetings with postponed decisions. People can end up feeling confused and leaderless. o Primary objective: Building commitment and generating new ideas What does it look like when the leader is using this style? Reaching decisions by consensus Holding many meetings and listening to employees’ concerns Inviting employees to make decisions affecting their work Rewarding adequate performance and rarely giving negative feedback When is this style most


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