Leadership Comparison and Critique

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Leader Comparison and Critique: Steve Jobs & Indra Nooyi

Lauren Murphy
GBA 500
Centenary College

In 1978, J.M. Burns defined successful leaders as being transformational rather than transactional. Burns described the transformational leader as having recognized the organization as a complex system in a chaotic environment. The leader has also responded to complexity by being aware of change. The transformational leader has established a shared vision and inspired the organization to learn and evolve in response to change. Transformational leaders have driven radical change, trading short-term stability for long-term survival. In 2007, Kouzes and Posner refined Burn’s work by breaking down the transformational leader’s
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The values, or lack thereof, possessed by Jobs are not conducive to exemplary leadership. On the other hand, Indra Nooyi has served as a model not only for PepsiCo employees, but also for Indians and women across the globe. Nooyi’s daily interactions display genuine respect towards everyone. Moreover, this leader has excelled by establishing goals and standards of excellence. Every year Nooyi has established objectives that have been a clear but achievable stretch. Those objectives have been established in every division and at every level. Employees look at the objectives and commit to them. “Our belief is that once you spend enough time in the design of those objectives up front and you unleash the corporation’s entrepreneurial spirit and create an environment for them to work, they can meet those objectives.” (Murray, 2004) Overall employees that have not met the objectives tended to flag themselves and then established a new growth agenda. “The objectives are not just numerical objectives. They also relate to people or creating an environment or meeting certain diversity goals…That is really how we judge whether people are making progress in the organization.” (Murray, 2004) Nooyi’s personal examples and values have led employees to establish individual commitment to PepsiCo. Indra Nooyi has become a prime example which employees can


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