Hewlett-Packard Builds Its Own “University”

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BUS3040: Fundamentals of Human Resource Management
Lori White
Capella University
February 8, 2016

What aspects of HP University effectively link training to the organization's needs? Training is when an employee gains the knowledge or skills necessary to effectively do their current job (Stabile & Ritchie 2013). Training is created to fulfill the requirements and values of the organization (Stabile & Ritchie 2013). With Meg Whitman realizing the need to treat HP’s employees as assets it is necessary to make sure they have the proper training for their current position (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart, Wright, 2015). This not only will assist in HP’s employees in being able to perform the necessary functions of their position, but
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These two factors make the ability for women and minorities to sign up for courses on their own through HP University and take the majority of the course online a much needed benefit and relief for them. They can focus on gaining as much knowledge as they can for a position they are interested in filling and when that position is available and they apply, the members of management that are looking into candidates can see the time and effort they have put forth to develop their skills and knowledge to excel at a new position with increased responsibilities. One of the things that blowing the top of the glass ceiling can help relieve is succession planning. The advantage that HP employees have in using HP University to find courses or resources and successfully completing them is that this is increasing their chances of stepping into fill a vacant position that previously could have taken much longer and more money to fill. HP can also use the information gathered about system usage to find individuals that already have finished the courses necessary for a position that may be becoming vacant in the near future, but is not listen as being open yet (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart, Wright, 2015). HP can also use the same data to help guide employees that they see as future leaders down the career path that will lead them to successful fulfill their goals of progressing at HP. Dysfunctional Manages can be a determent to an organization,


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