Goodbye to Happy Hour

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Analysis of the Case
The Division of Environmental Assessments is now a very important governmental unit, because its mandate has been switched from environmental impact assessment to assessment of environmental plans of oil and gas developments. Based on the importance of oil and gas, this division is clearly under pressure to meet demands and expectations of clients. For this reason, the leadership as well as team members working with the division must employ new strategies that not only increase their efficiency, but also encourage them to work together as a team. This paper analyses some of the problems facing the Division of Environmental Assessments, as well as some solutions aimed at improving employee experience.
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In light of the problems, there is need for urgent solutions not only in the structure of the division, but also to the nature of the relationship between leaders and their subordinates. Furthermore, Jane needs to have a clear understanding of why employees are leaving the division, as well as the actions to be taken to retain them. At the same time, she needs to understand the steps to take to ensure that new employees feel encouraged to join her team. Most importantly, there also needs to be an overhaul of the division’s leadership approach so that it is inclusive and supportive of team effort. The following section expounds on these key issues.
1. Employee Retention Employee retention is the ability of an organization to keep its personnel. It is possible to represent employee retention using simple statistics. For instance, a retention rate of about 80% indicates that the organization was able to keep 80% of the employees over a particular period. It is also important to draw a clear distinction between top performers and low performing employees, since all efforts of retaining employees must be focused on keeping valuable individuals. In many cases, high employee turnover rates are an indication of deeper issues that have not been resolved. Some of the issues include poor manager-employee


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