Snhu It-200 Milestone 2

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IT-200 Milestone Two
Southern New Hampshire University

Swagger Distribution’s networking illustration is showing a wired networking system for the company. As the diagram shows, the companies system is most important in the computer room. This is where most of the company’s connection begins. The internet, which is the WAN (Wide Area Network) is the beginning to the LAN (Local Area Network). This starts with the WAN coming into the computer room’s T1 Demarcation Router. The T1 Demarcation Router is then connected to the Main Router which has a connection to the Firewall as well as the Ethernet Switch. The Ethernet Switch then has a Fiber Optic cable connecting to the warehouse Remote Ethernet Switch. This allows
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Without this, the server that the website is hosted on will be unable to tell how many requests have come from one web browser alone. When a piece of text is sent back and forth between the server the website has been designed on to the browser the person is viewing the website on, it is easier to tell if they send multiple requests from their computer, such as purchasing items, so on, and so forth. In addition, adding a proxy cache will store the data within the web so it can speed up the loading of the website. This helps bring users back to the website. This way, it will no longer have to go straight to the server each time. Being able to view things sometimes, even offline, can be beneficial to many people as well as more user friendly. Nobody wants to wait like it was a dial up from a 1990’s modem. The society today has become much faster, and quicker when loading things as well as accessing stuff. There are even people turning to use an SSD (Solid State Drive) over a HDD (Hard Disk Drive) just because of the speed difference. So, loading a website, speed should be a consideration. Deciding on a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is also a key component to creating a website. A URL is the protocol for the location of a website. The first part to a website is HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) or there is also FTP (File Transfer Protocol). This first part is called a protocol identifier. It indicates which protocol to use. The next part of the