Social Business Case Study

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Should Companies Embrace Social Business

Managing Info Tech Across the Global Enterprise

Shantel Watkins Identify the management, organization, and technology factors responsible for slow adoption rates of internal corporate networks.
While social media is becoming a platform for businesses and corporations to communicate with their consumers and employees within their organization it is the same medium which can damage and cause problems and confusion for the organization. According to Laudon (2014), the goal of social business is to deepen interactions with groups inside and outside the firm to expedite and enhance information sharing, innovation, and decision-making. Email and Instant Massaging,
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As aforementioned, organizations used conventional tools and technologies such as wiki, email, forums and blogs for collaboration and social business. Employees rarely used these mediums, and executives would use others to blog and write forums for them. They would not directly interact and use these tools and technologies. However, these successful companies such as CSC went social to create a collaborative culture for its internal corporate network for its organization. The first step they took was to launch an innovative social enterprise as their focus. Based on the case, these successful companies were able to constantly maintain and manage their networks. They allowed transparency between everyone, from executives to employees to their stakeholders. The companies made interaction easier for everyone by allowing them to interact in a way in which they were familiar with comfortable. They also gave them freedom, for example, CSC took a passive approach, allowing users to form groups on their own. The group enlisted more than 100 advocates to help formulate adoption plans, seed content, and test over 200 groups prior to the pilot’s launch.
Managers also interacted differently. They could solicit input from other employees around the world and ask questions at cost. This system assisted in eradicating resources that were unessential, and allowed users to upload and download documents, many of which were too big for the company’s


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