Case Study ‘Technical Instruments Pty Ltd’

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Case Study ‘Technical Instruments Pty Ltd’
Table of contents 1. Introduction 2. Analyse strategic and operational plans 3. Consult line and senior managers to identify human resources needs 4. Develop options for delivery of human resource services 5. Comply with legislative requirements 6. Develop and agree on strategies 7. Agree and document roles and responsibilities of human resource teams

1. Introduction

The purpose of the report is to analyse the current state of human resources side of Jim Palmer’s Technical instruments Pty Ltd business. To identify the critical HR systems and services needed at TI and the most effective strategies for delivering them to TI. This report describes the range of
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* Equal Opportunity Act 1984
The Act is to eliminate, so far as is possible, discrimination against persons on the ground of sex, marital status or pregnancy, family responsibility or family status, sexual orientation, race, religious or political conviction, impairment, age or in certain areas, gender history in the areas of work, accommodation, education, the provision of goods, facilities and services and the activities of clubs. 6. Develop and agree on strategies * After analysing strategic and operational plans of Technical Instruments Pty Ltd, I have been able to determine human resource requirements for this company,
Induction and orientation programs – employees have been employed on a word of mouth basis, there has been no process in place, for the employees to be familiar with the workplace and its workmen.
Industrial relations advice- until now Jim had avoided being unionised because his company offered higher wages and good working conditions. However, shopfloor employees were talking to the relevant unions for the first time as they were uncertain about their future pay and conditions.
Occupational health and safety- analysing the case study, I couldn’t figure any OHS meetings or provision of PPE for the employees.
Personal and career development Training- As two employees were leaving to take up positions in competitive firms and their reasons


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