Google Inc, in China

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Case Study Analysis Template
Analyst’s Name: ¶ Levi Mohorich
Date: ¶ 2/23/14

Case Study Name: ¶ Google, Inc., in China I. The Pre-Analysis:

A. Perspective:

1. Author’s Perspective. Describe the perspective of the author(s) of the case study and possible biases of the author(s):

¶ The case was wrote by Kirsten E. Martin, the Assistant Professor of Business Administration at George Washington University, School of Business. She has her Ph.D. from Darden Graduate School of Business, University of Virginia. Her main research interests are business ethics, privacy, technology and stakeholder theory. It might be possible that she is biased towards China for their privacy restrictions and
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* This search engine ran along side, which could recognize the Chinese language. * China formally joins the World Trade Organization in December 2001. (6) * Agrees to lower tariffs and end market impediments. * Becomes one of the most important markets for U.S. exports. (6) * In 2006, China declares that it plans to move away from its Communist model of socialism, and to be “firmly committed to economic reform and opening to the outside world” by privatization. * In 2006, the U.S. State Department saw trade with China as a crucial factor in helping mobilize the socioeconomic levels of Chinese citizens. (7) * China had a dual approach to combat certain content on the Internet. (7) * Authorities restricted the production, development, and spread of what the considered improper content. * And the authorities monitored the receipt of information. * Cisco routers are used at the edge of domestic Internet to act as gatekeepers to China, filtering content to Chinese Internet users. (8) * 30,000 Internet police in China were used to enforce censorship laws. (8) * Businesses were required to a licensing agreement, to monitor their customers while surfing the internet, if they wanted to continue running their business(es). (8) * Chinese authorities encourage their citizens to self-censor and to


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