Concrete Masonry Corporation (Cmc) Case Study

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The Literature Review

In this emerging world the businesses is keep gets changes, those changes carried out by the projects and projects often creates many difficulties and in the same time is increased the vagueness and risk. Project management and functions has become increasingly important in the development of any nation. Various organisations have used project management techniques to success in implementation of projects.
The main objective of project management is to help projects achieve their core target of final product quality within a given budget and timeframe (Have Project will Manage, BBC). Concrete Masonry Corporation (CMC) has delivered the successful project in the past however there’s lack of strategy management and
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Answers to the Case Study Questions 1. Discuss the effectiveness of long range planning of CMC. * In the early 1946 the CMC became a leader in the concrete block business market place for two reasons (1) Advanced technology of manufacturing and (2) An innovative delivery system. * CMC come up with the technology that concrete mixtures were unique. * Many customers adopt that New Technology CMC introduce and continuously enquired new technology on the Horizon. * CMC kept space with customers’ requests and in early 1950’s they invent a new invention prestressed concrete innovation. * Short while later they implement a new technology called wet-cast beams using the same technology of previous one but instead using the set concrete mould the concrete poured directly to the around the cable and stretched. * CMC set themselves up the company can produce the concrete products. * In early 1960s, pre-casters become involved in more complicated structures. * CMC started designing and making not only beams, but columns and whatever other components it took to put together a whole