School Administration & Supervision

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Introduction to School Administration and Supervision

Principals play a vital role in setting the direction for successful schools but productive leadership depends heavily on its fit with the social and organizational context in which it is exercised. They (the principals) are the primary catalysts for creating a lasting foundation for learning, for driving school and student performance, and for shaping the long term impact of schools’ improvement efforts.

You have been appointed as the new principal at your school. You are frustrated by the current environment and feel the need to make some drastic changes. Your superiors expect improvement; the school needs change and you need a plan. How will you motivate and inspire your teachers
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Another helpful tactic that the Principal should use involves using informal relationships to get a few influential members of the school community to commit themselves to the change process and bring others with them. In every school community there may be always e groups of persons who seem to come together all the time. It would be in the Principal’s best interest to informally be able to have some input into these informal cliques.
The Principal can use these cliques to his advantage by communicating with member from the group. He then is able to persuade that one group member that the changes which are about to be made are for the growth and development of the school and the child. He can then contract this member to assist him in motivating the other members of their group in order to get them on board for the changes that he wants to undertake.
"Morale is a very tentative issue. You can do 99 things right and make one mistake that will shoot morale forever." Leithwood, K.A. & Jantzi, D. (1990)
All teachers yearn for reassurance that they are doing a good job. Most principals recognize teachers' efforts by offering positive feedback -- both publicly and privately. Weekly memos or e-mails, and regular staff meetings, are the perfect forums for recognizing special contributions that teachers or other staff members make.
"Administrators always have to put aside their own issues and do what is best for students and staff in a


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