Swot and Pestel Analysis for Ikea Singapore

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INTRODUCTION -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4
Case study of IKEA ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5 - 6
* Introduction of Company
SWOT ANALYSIS of IKEA ------------------------------------------------------------------- 7 - 8
* Explanation of General Environment
* Political Forces
* Economic Conditions
* Socio-cultural Conditions
* Technological Changes
* Environment Factors
* Legal Factors
EXTERNAL ANALYSIS (COMPETITIVE ENVIRONMENT) ------------------------- 11 - 13
* Intensity of rivalry among competitors
* The threat of new entrants
* The threat of
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By living up to their value of cost consciousness, IKEA are able to attract customers through the affordable prices by ordering through bulk at a cheaper rate & saving handling fees by delivering products directly from suppliers to IKEA stores worldwide. IKEA has always been an ambassador for eco friendly products through its increased and smarter use of renewable or reclaimed waste materials. In order to keep improving and also be eco friendly, feedbacks from customers are taken seriously and workers from various departments contribute ideas to one another so more unique and innovative ideas can be generated within IKEA itself.

Firstly, as they are using cost conscious approach to produce their products. There’s only a certain limit the quality of the product can be. So, most of their products aren’t as durable as of those of other furniture company. The designs of IKEA’s home furniture are quite very modern and therefore, won’t be as appealing to the older generation as it is to the younger ones.

The future looks bright for IKEA due to the fact they are able to increase the variety of green products and it only helps because of the environment’s current condition while also meeting the demand of greener products. As IKEA are producing more


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