Case Study Analysis of Panda Bear Toys, Caribou Toys and Grizzly Bear Toys

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Starting from going through respective business background then to the challenges faced, and finally recommended HR practices to improve corporate effectiveness, competiveness and sustainability, this analysis has addressed aforementioned of following 3 toy companies: Panda Bear Toys, Caribou Toys and Grizzly Bear Toys. With limited background information provided, several studies have been treated as reference in this analysis, especially the studies of Gubman (1995) and Sheppeck & Militello (2000),describing the relationship between corporate value disciplines and corporate strategies. Value discipline is a framework to describe organizations’ marketplace strategies, and company with different value discipline has its own
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Apart from this, as one of the challenges it is facing it’s seasonal order, a pool of project-based craftsmen will be maintained to deal with the changes in demand caused by seasonal order.
Training and Development. Knowledge is an important asset of Caribou as innovation, excellent customer service and craft skill is its successful factors. Experience sharing and coaching from supervisors or colleagues will definitely help to transfer knowledge and generate new ideas. To develop employees’ competencies, technical training and customer account management training will help. Customer account management training will be stressed, aiming to maximize the value from each customer and seek for referral through improving the relationships in between.
Performance Management. It will focus on measuring the relationship productive behaviors of employees. On quality aspect, customer feedback will be measured. On quantity aspect, number of new relationship established and revenues generated from existing relationship will be counted.
Compensation and Benefits. Market-competitive compensation practice will be adopted in order to attract, motivate and retain talent. Base salary will be set at market median (P50) together with short-term profit sharing paid quarterly based on team performance and long-term profit sharing paid yearly based on company performance. Moreover, performance