Nike- Managerial Case Study

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Business Case Study
Management Theory
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Dr. J. Saleeby
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Rola El Cheikh
Thursday, December 23, 2010

Executive Summary
Nike hit the ground running in 1962. Originally known as Blue Ribbon Sports, the company focused on providing high quality running shoes designed especially for athletes by athletes, at competitive prices.
Today, Nike is the world's leading maker of athletic shoes, equipment and apparel.
Nike has invested highly on marketing. It has signed exclusive and expensive marketing deals with some of the world's top athletes to promote its products. Nike’s marketing campaigns featured winning athletes as spokespeople, and winning teams as an indication of Nike success.
Nike enjoys
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The three main product lines of Nike's brand - footwear, apparel and equipment - are made by approximately 600 contract factories that employ more than 33,000 workers in 46 countries around the world. The manufacturing process of Nike is done by independent contractors, primarily located overseas. However, Nike is involved in the design, development and marketing processes. In addition to its wide range of core athletic shoes and clothing, the company also sells Nike and Bauer brand athletic equipment, Cole Haan brand dress and casual footwear, and the Sports Specialties line of headwear featuring licensing team logos. The company has relied on constant innovation in the design of its products and heavy promotion to build its growth in both U.S. and foreign markets.
Nike's deliberate approach to lean manufacturing includes worker empowerment - giving factory workers the skills and abilities needed to manage production and immediately address issues as they arise, such as quality or process improvements. These changes put decisions closer to the worker, and require a high level of support to ensure all workers have the skills and confidence to consistently produce quality products. We believe our lean manufacturing approach holds great promise for worker empowerment and for building a more skilled and equitable work force. Nike’s approach is in harmony with Theory Y which set positive assumptions about


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