Eda 575 Leadership and Systematic Change

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Leadership and Systematic Change

Ronte Harris Grand Canyon University: EDA-575

January 16, 2013

Often times the largest and most complex challenge in leadership is the ability to recognize the need and institute change. Many times leaders measure their success on the success of the change plan rather than the ability to bring about change. This is where I believe true leadership measurement lies. A successful change plan is as only effective as the ability of the leader to carry out such plan. My current school site is a medium sized comprehensive high school in rural North Florida. This site has about 1400 students with five administrators having delegated duties and
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This may be attributed to the fact that all but one having served at some point in time as a coach or some group that requires a team effort and motivation. Our administrators are effective in their area of responsibilities. Most times shortcomings with our administrators are quickly identified by staff or principal and the principal is swift to react with the support that is needed to avoid conflict.
In dealing with the community, three of the five are natives to the area, which provides great insight to the school needs as it relates to the school and community. Our principal has made special efforts to become visible in the community as well maintaining an open door policy with students and parents. I believe we currently have the best group dynamics among the leadership than it has been in the past. These leaders are leaders, yet can still be led by the principal and each other in their respective roles.
Conflict resolution is dealt with in a diplomatic way among all leaders. Most situations, once identified are quickly brought to a resolve or a plan of action is in place to ensure a positive outcome. Problem solving is always a team effort involving the individuals as it relates to them. Again this type of action is i believe as a result of the principals demand for consistency among administrators.
Bringing about change is requires a systematic approach starting with clear direction from the leader. According to Olsen (2009), improvements to student


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