Factors Affecting Job Satisfaction of Public Secondary School Teachers in the Philippines

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Background of the study
Teachers play a very crucial role in achieving the objectives of Philippines’ vision 2020. Disgruntled teachers who are not satisfied with their job could not be committed and productive and would not be performing at the best of their capabilities. Teaching profession is facing problems related to teachers’ job satisfaction. The general perception is that teachers in the government school are dissatisfied with their profession. They are said to be dissatisfied with teaching in the government schools. If the claim is true that the government school teachers are dissatisfied, what then is this dissatisfaction? In what aspects are they satisfied? Therefore, it is necessary to probe into this matter through a
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Each domain is hypothesized as a driving force of job satisfaction and the underlying assumption is that job satisfaction

Factors Affecting Job Satisfaction of Public Secondary School Teachers in the Philippines

Research Design
This study used a descriptive survey design. The purpose of descriptive surveys, according to Ezeani (1998), is to collect detailed and factual information that describes an existing phenomenon.
The target population of the study were principals, administration personnel and secondary school teachers. A sample size computation was used to select 399 respondents . The breakdown is as follows
The principals are 17, Administration personnel are 102 and secondary school teachers are 280. There were 399 participants. Figure 1 n= 139228 1 + 139228 (.05)2 139228 1 + 139228(.0025) 139228 1 + 348.07 139228 349.07 =398.8541 =399

%= 399 x 100 139228 0.0029 x 100 0.28

Variables policies and administration- guidelines or course of action in a school supervision- management in the school working conditions- the environment in which teachers work interpersonal relation -refer to relations with colleagues, parents, students, higher authorities or any personnel confined to school money-includes wages paid for teachers for the performance of their duties security- job security in a profession achievement-accomplishment or attainment done by teachers


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