Online Banking System

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1. Introduction

Online banking is an internet based account management service that allows to view our account balances and transaction transfer funds between authorized accounts, initiate loan payments, request stop payments on checks, order personal checks, download transaction information into your computer communicate with the bank using e-mail, and can include bill payment services bill payment services.

On-line storage refers to a file of information (like a file on "students" or " courses) that the computer and the user can access immediately. The computer, in other words, is directly connected to the file. A database is simply a collection of on-line files to which the user can gain access

Tape storage of data is
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It mainly finds the economic benefits. The what-if analyses have been formed using some internal matrices for performance evolution.

The main objective of the term paper is to gather knowledge about the online Banking system and find out the consistency and inconsistency. I also try to adjust with the gap to be competent at the modem job market. The areas on which I have tried to give emphasis are: ❖ Working environment has and should be established. ❖ Identify the problems and prospects of online banking and recommends their solution. ❖ Justify the present supportive facilities, which are given by online Banking ❖ Interaction between different place with-in Bangladesh ❖ To show the influence of environmental situation on online.

4. Methodology of the study:

Term paper is conclusive as well as descriptive in nature. Necessary Statistical tools have been applied to carry out the assigned study Following methods have been used to accomplish this proposed solution: ✓ ¬ Basic principles of existing banking system (Bangladesh) ✓ ¬ Study the major drawbacks of existing system by interviewing the current employees of different banks. Interviews are mostly taken through emails and in some cases through telephone and Internet chat. ✓ ¬ Study the existing IT infrastructure of Bangladesh in context of Bank by interviewing the developer of different banking


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