Role of Security Department in an Organisation

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Security plays a major role in business. The value security Department brings to organizations is enormous as the department works hard to avert losses, shield property and human assets.
As organisations are hiring new employees, most are now conducting background investigations, so they can make a more sound judgment on each employee that is hired. Employers must keep in mind that they may be sued for defamation of character if they provide other employers negative or falsified information on a current or former employee. There are so many specific crimes that fall into the legal aspects of business.
Risk, as it applies to justice and security organizations means “the uncertainty of financial loss, the variations
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At the same time through technology like CCTV the security department monitors remotely the on goings of a business establishment in order to minimise the risks of theft. In today’s world it is the role of the security department to ensure that persons who access certain areas have got clearance for example computer labs. They are tasked with ensuring that all information property of the organisation is not leaked or lands in the wrong hands this is done through the issuance of passwords which are then monitored.
2.8. Training
With criminals coming up with new methods of committing crime it is the role of the depart to always keep abreast with these methods and bring it to the attention of all employees within the organisation for example, The airline industry has experienced one of the most seismic changes in security procedures since September 11 2009, wait times at airports have increased dramatically because of additional mandatory checks, such as the carry-on limitations imposed after fears 'liquid' bombs. This has required training of existing personnel on airlines such as American Airlines. Airline employees also to become more well-informed about how to deal with


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